Legal terms

Brain4it software is distributed under the EUPL 1.1 and LGPL3 (or later versions) license. You may choose either of the licenses for exploiting the software. For terms of these licenses, please follow the links. Other software posted now or in the future on the site may be distributed under another license, please check in each case.

Unless otherwise indicated, non-software content posted on the Site is distributed under the CreativeCommons 3.0 BY-SA Spain license.

Brain4it brand and logo are property of Sant Feliu de Llobregat City Hall, and use may be made in accordance with our trademark policy. Please contact us for any questions regarding its use.

Contributions to Brain4it are welcome. To make a contribution, please submit via the code repository, or contact us. Contributions to Brain4it software are understood to be made under the same dual license as Brain4it is distributed, and contributors warrant that their contributions does not infringe any third party right or applicable law.