Use cases

AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service)

server components

When Brain4it runs in the cloud it works as an artificial intelligence service capable of acting on other platforms and connected devices.

The implementation of expert systems and machine learning applications are the most common use in this scenario.

Thanks to the flexibility and dynamism of Brain4it, the logic can be remotelly modified at any time, through its REST API, without service interruption.

Brain4it suports multiple connectivity protocols, like HTTP, XMPP, MQTT, SMTP, JDBC, to enable communication with sensor/actuator platforms, messaging systems, databases and web services.

It also provides libraries for natural language processing, computer vision and predictive data analysis.

The Brain4it processing results can be monitored at real time through dashboard panels, that can be easily created with the visual design tool of the Brain4it manager application.

Embedded controller

server components

Brain4it offers libraries to directly access the hardware of embedded devices: GPIO pins, sensors, camera, GPS, serial ports, etc.

That makes Brain4it suitable to control these devices locally, avoiding the problems usually related to remote controlling: latency, reliability and security.

Robots, drones, routers, sensor boxes, weather stations, industrial PCs, and any other embedded device running a OS supporting Java (like Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, ARM boards, etc.) can be directly controlled by Brain4it.

The REST API and the dashboard panels of Brain4it also allow these devices to be governed and monitored through the network.

An other important benefit of using Brain4it in these devices is the possibility to change the control logic remotelly at any time in an easy and reliable way.

Mobile management

server components

Brain4it was designed to focus on mobile devices.

It provides a native manager application for android devices and a responsive web version for iOS and other mobile platforms.

These mobile manager applications allow the Brain4it servers to be monitored, controlled and programmed from anywhere.

With Braint4it a user can monitor the sensors of its city, control the lights of his office or sending orders to the cleaning robot of his home, using a single app.

In addition, there is also a specific Brain4it server for android devices than can read the value of its sensors (acceleromenter, gyroscope, barometer, etc.), get the GPS position, create messages in the notification bar or synthetize voice from text. This server can be use to implement AI applications sensitive to the user's context and location.