What is it?

Brain4it is an open source platform to develop artificial intelligence applications for the Internet of things.

It runs as a network service that provides a REST API to remotely control and program it using a simple yet powerful functional language that facilitates the implementation of expert systems and machine learning applications.

Brain4it can be installed in a wide range of devices, from smartphones and embedded systems to cloud servers, which expands its possibilities and use cases.

It is specially indicated for the management of dynamic environments where flexibility and adaptability are essential requirements.

Brain4it has proven its value in multiple areas: smartcities, domotics, robotics, IT infraestructure management, mathematics, etc.

Key features

  • Smart: designed to implement artifical intelligence applications like expert systems.
  • Efficient: it can be installed on devices with scarce resources (memory and cpu).
  • Portable: developed in Java to facilitate the porting to multiple devices (PCs, RaspberryPi, Android, etc...).
  • Universal: Brain4it allows you to program different devices using the same language.
  • Remote control: Brain4it devices can be remotely controlled and programmed through a HTTP REST API.
  • Dynamic: changes in code can be applied immediately without service interruption.
  • Interoperable: is able to interact with other systems through HTTP, MQTT, XMPP and other protocols.
  • Extensible: Brain4it language can be easily extended with new functions to satisfy future needs.
  • Hardware access: it can directly access the hardware resources of the device (GPIO pins, sensors, serial ports, etc.)
  • Tools availability: programming and control tools are available for the desktop, mobile and web environments.
  • Open source: offered with EULA and LGPL licenses.